BUILDing Bridges Program Supplementary Materials

Supplemental Documents Needed for the BUILDing Bridges Program

1. Resume or CV (.PDF or .DOC)

A resume template can be found here (.DOC).

2. Statement of Purpose (.PDF or .DOC)

The goal of the BUILDing Bridges to Biomedical Careers Program is to support current SF State Master's students or recent college graduates as they transition into graduate/professional school programs in pursuit of careers in biomedical research relevant to local community health. Please write a Statement of Purpose describing your career goals, research experience, and how the BUILDing Bridges program can help you attain those goals. (1500 word limit)

3. Proposed Timeline (.PDF or .DOC)

As a BUILDing Bridges Scholar, you are expected to complete a deliverable towards your goals for the BUILDing Bridges Program. This can be the submission of applications to graduate/professional school programs in the biomedical field, the submission of applications for additional funding to support your current or future studies in biomedical research, or others.  Please prepare a detailed timeline describing your goals for the BUILDing Bridges Program and an outline of your steps toward achieving your goals as a BUILDing Bridges Scholar.  Your timeline should span the programmatic year from November 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022.