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Welcome, Faculty Gators! 

SF BUILD Writing Retreats

The SF BUILD (Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity) team is excited to have you join us for our 5th annual retreat on held on Monday, June 14th from 10AM – 1PM & Wednesday, June 16th from 2PM – 5PM all live on Zoom. SF BUILD has traditionally hosted two annual writing retreats in person at off campus locations in the Bay Area (i.e., Mercy Center in Burlingame and Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma), however, due to the pandemic we are moving to a virtual format for Summer 2021. We looking forward to resuming in person writing retreats when it’s safe to do so. Visit the SF BUILD Writing Retreats website here.

Previous SF BUILD Mini Grant RFAs

FALL 2017 & FALL 2018. SFSU faculty whose research relates to health inequalities in communities in San Francisco are encouraged to apply for the mini grant.

FALL 2016. In this year, we seek SFSU faculty applicants whose research relates to health inequalities in communities in San Francisco. Proposals should involve SFSU students and encourage a sense of giving back to communities. Priority will be given to proposals that address issues of social justice and health inequalities that are relevant to SFSU students and their communities. For more information, click here. 

FALL 2015.  SF BUILD seeks applications from SF State faculty that inrease understanding of the underlying social, psychological, and biological mechanisms that contribute to or decrease stereotype threat (or stigma) that an have adverse effects on educational outcomes and well-being.