HerStories in Science: Research by Women, For Women

In honor of National Women's History Month, SF BUILD  a BUILD Dialogue focused on scholarship by women, for women and co-sponsored by the SF State Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program.

Thank you to our speakers for sharing their inspiring work with us.

Below you will find their contact information and presentations:

Name Information

Dr. Alison Cerezo


Presentation: Intersectional Minority Stress and Alcohol Use among Queer* Latinx and African Descent Women

Dr. Kelly Knight


Presentation: Women, Housing, Addition, and Health: A Structural Agenda

Dr. Sepideh Modrek

Dr. Veronica Rabelo


Presentation: Bodies at Work: How Identity and Culture Shape Discrimination and Wellbeing

Dr. Rori Rohlfs


Presentation: Hidden Figures of Population Genetics


Thank you for all those who attended! Check out our Events page for more SF BUILD events.