RFA Announcement 2017

SF BUILD is excited to announce the release of the Fall 2017 Mini Grant RFA!  Applications due August 14th.

SFSU faculty whose research relates to health inequalities in communities in San Francisco are encouraged to apply for the mini grant. Proposals should involve SFSU students and encourage a sense of giving back to the communities. This year, a UCSF faculty collaborator is required. Priority will be given to proposals that address issues of social justice and health inequalities that are relevant to SFSU students and their communities. Mini-grants of up to $40,000 each will be awarded to 4 successful applicants!  For the RFA, click here


Important Forms for the Application

1) Grant Application: PDF

2) Biosketch: Word (To be completed by the Principle Investigators, Co-Investigators and Key Personnel).

3) Other Support Form: Word (To be complete for all applications).

4) Facts for the Application Cover Sheet: PDF

For SFSU Investigators

SFSU Budget Sheet: Excel (Please complete this spreadsheet for the SFSU portion of the budget. An SF BUILD Budget Support Personnel will complete the NIH Budget Form according to this form.

For UCSF Investigators

In preparing the UCSF portion of the minigrant budget, please contact UCSF Research Services Coordinator Richard La to help direct you to the pre-award contact for your Department/Division. Richard.La@ucsf.edu or 415-260-8585.

* Please note that we are requiring a 3% time and effort for UCSF Investigators


General Questions: Address questions about the mini-grant competition by email to:

Christina Rios, MPH, MSW, SF BUILD Program Coordinator


For Technical Assistance and Application Support: Address questions by email to:

Irene Yen, PhD, MPH, SF BUILD Faculty Co-Investigator

Chao Guan, SFSU Senior Grants Administrator

Richard La, UCSF Researh Services Coordinator


Submit applications to: (no applications will be accepted if received after midnight of August 14, 2017)

Christina Rios, MPH, MSW, SF BUILD Program Coordinator


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.