How does SF BUILD Meet Its Goals?

Faculty Development

Faculty at SF State and UCSF collaborate on projects for student training and development in biomedical research that is relevant to local communities. Through collaboration faculty:

  • Contribute to transforming the teaching and research environments at the partner institutions into affirming, productive, and safe spaces for all science students.
  • Increase capacity for innovative research that addresses complex health issues. 
Two faculty members in the SF BUILD writing retreat.

Institutional Transformation

SF BUILD creates affirming and productive teaching and research environments at SF State and UCSF. 

  • By changing dialogue in classrooms and research sites to address stereotype threat we create intellectually safe and supportive spaces where students and faculty thrive.
Leti smiling

Research Enrichment 

Students and faculty investigate biomedical research questions relevant to local communities. Activities include:

  • Research rotations and one-on-one mentored research experiences to help students discover their research interests that affirm personal goals.
  • Faculty collaboration on grant proposals and projects to increase capacity for innovative research that addresses complex health issues.
Lab instructor teaching two students

Student Training

SF BUILD enables students from underrepresented groups in science to draw from their unique personal experiences to successfully pursue a career in biomedical research. This includes:

  • Investigating biomedical research questions relevant to local communities while engaging in “giving back” research.
  • Engaging with successful role models and their contributions to local communities to help increase motivation for a career in biomedical research.
A student holding a pipette to put substance in a test tube.