Agents of Change Fellows Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Community engaged biomedical research is anything that involves community health through the use of biomedical disciplines. This is not limited to wet lab work. Work should directly connect and serve community health in whatever discipline the work or project is being done.  

Radical community engaged research allows for community members and leaders to be equal partners in research projects. It goes beyond only including community in advisory roles.  

  • We define transformative work as anything that is motivated by social justice while holding a critique of social oppression. Transformative community engaged research aims to make a positive change on the health outcomes of marginalized communities.

The prospective fellow intends to pursue an advance degree to enhance their training in community engaged biomedical research, or intends to join the biomedical workforce with a focus on community health research projects. 

AoC Fellows will have access to workshops focused on strategies to improve resilience and persistence in the biomedical sciences, which historically have excluded marginalized groups.  AoC Fellows will also have access to the larger SF BUILD network and mentoring community. 

  • Areas of study with a focus on human health 

  • Behavioral Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Clinical Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Physics, Psychology, Public Health, Science Education, Social Sciences, etc.