Helpful Definitions

Biomedical Research Workforce: The NIH recognizes a unique and compelling need to promote diversity in the NIH-funded biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social sciences (collectively termed "biomedical") research workforce.

Communal Goal Affirmation: This is a form of values affirmation that is predicted to reduce the negative effects of stereotype threat by enabling students to ‘give back’ to their communities and make a difference through their research. Through SF BUILD students have the opportunity to investigate research questions relevant to local communities thereby affirming their communal goals. It is expected that Communal Goal Affirmation will increase student’s sense of belonging in biomedical research, and their persistence in the path to an NIH-funded career. 

Health Disparities: Differences in health outcomes among groups of people. Learn more.

Health Equity: Attainment of the highest level of health for all people. Health Equity means efforts to ensure that all people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to lead healthy lives.

Stereotype Threat: Stereotype Threat occurs when individuals experience worry about the possibility of confirming a negative stereotype about their gender and/or ethnicity. These concerns have been documented to lead to underperformance in classrooms, and even to early exit from the biomedical research field.