Agents of Change (AoC) Merck Fellows Program Renewals

Updates (Spring 2024): 
- Applications open end of January
- Deadline for Spring March 4th
- Competitive Renewals 
- Limited awards per term  

What is it? 

  • New for the 2023-2024 program year:  As we have a limited budget for the program year and increased interest in this fellowship program, applications for each term is a competitive process.  No priority will be given for renewal or new applications. Fellows who maintain eligibility can be funded for up to a total of 1 year, or 3 terms, if successfully awarded after each new/renewal application.  As with previous terms, we are not able to guarantee funding of renewal applications each term. *Please note that award amounts each term can change developing on the budget availability.* 


  • To be eligible for renewal you must complete the requirements of the previous term. 

  • Participate in one AoC Workshop (Async and zoom options available)  

  • Complete 4 reflections through iLearn  

  • Complete a final reflection 

How to Renew


  • All requirements and faculty renewal forms must be received by the following dates to be considered for renewal:

    • Spring 2024: March 4, 2024