Open Projects

Looking to gain research experience? Join faculty-led projects, labs, and volunteer opportunities.

For Students

Open Projects is a platform where students can find faculty-led projects from an array of various fields. Whether you're an aspiring scholar or a dedicated changemaker, discover opportunities that align with your goals. Projects with (AoC-Eligible) qualify for funding opportunities with the Agents of Change Merck Fellows Program. Learn more about AoC Merck Fellows here.

How to Use This Platform:

Browse Projects 

AoC-Eligible Open Projects:

  1. Look through the list of open projects for AoC Eligible projects.
  2. Select one that you are interested in
  3. Follow the AoC Application link below and apply for this opportunity by selecting “fellows match under SF BUILD Open Projects”

Other opportunities:

  1. If you are interested in a non-AoC Eligible open project, please contact the faculty member directly
  2. If you’d like to learn more about our faculty partners at SFSU and UCSF please explore the list of faculty members and their areas of expertise. Although ongoing projects may be limited, you can gain insights into their research interests and specialties.

Contacting Faculty: 

  • For SF State faculty: If you identify a faculty member whose research aligns with your interests at SF State, you are encouraged to reach out to them to express your enthusiasm. Keep in mind that they may not have a current project, but this interaction could potentially lead to future collaborations. 
  • For UCSF faculty: For any UCSF opportunities please apply through the Fellows application.

Networking: Use this platform not only to seek project opportunities but also to initiate meaningful conversations. Engaging in discussions about their past work, your aspirations, and the possibilities for future projects can be valuable.

Stay Informed: While the faculty may not have immediate projects available, they may participate in seminars, workshops, and other events. Stay informed about these opportunities to further your knowledge and connect with them.

For Faculty

If you are a SF State or UCSF faculty interested in submitting a biomedical community-engaged research or project opportunity, please submit using the link below.